Anesthetics and Analgesics

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Anesthetics and Analgesics 

We offer the following methods to provide comfort during oral treatment. Unless you have special needs, local anesthetic will be used. 

LOCAL ANESTHETIC: This is by far the most common form of anesthetic. You will receive a nearly painless injection of an anesthetic which is short‐acting (one‐hour), long‐acting (three‐hour), or extra long‐acting (up to six hours). There are virtually no side effects; and unless you have a special preference, local anesthetics will be used in your dental service. There is no additional fee for these anesthetics.

SEDATIVES: If you are very anxious or nervous about oral treatment, please ask us about premeditation.  A prescription for this medication will be given to you prior to your next appointment.  The medication should be taken an hour before the appointment. Arrangements must be made for transportation to and from the appointment.

ORAQIX: No needle required. Oraqix can be used with most preliminary gum treatment (Root Planing). The advantage is not feeling numb when you leave the office. There is no additional charge for this anesthetic when used in conjunction with Root Planing.