PO Instructions following Therapeutic Scaling

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PO Instructions Following Therapeutic Scaling

Therapeutic Scaling is the treatment of the infection present in the gums by removing the toxins present and flushing out the bacteria. An evaluation is done to determine the extent of infection, and treatment needed to achieve and maintain oral health.

DISCOMFORT: Discomfort should not be acute and should subside in a few hours. Discomfort immediately after treatment is usually associated with slight throbbing or aching and occasionally may be uncomfortable. This discomfort usually subsides in about four hours.

TOOTH SENSITIVITY: Teeth may be sensitive to temperature changes and /or sweets. The sensitivity to temperature may be noticeable following treatment. Application of a prescribed fluoride rinse, PerioMed or Fluoridex toothpaste will help control sensitivity. 

BLEEDING: Some slight bleeding may occur during the next several brushing's but the bleeding should steadily decrease.


DISCOMFORT/SENSITIVITY: Acetaminophen or a non‐aspirin analgesic should be taken as recommended reducing discomfort.

ORAL HYGIENE: If gum tissue or teeth are tender, brush gently but thoroughly; this may take a little more time than normal. Brushing or rinsing may be recommended with either of the following solutions:

  1. Prescription oral rinse (provided)
  2. Warm salt water rinse
  3. Prescription tooth paste (Fluoridex) Purchase in office or get prescription

Following scaling, you can expect to notice less redness, less bleeding and less swelling of your gum tissue. Your mouth will taste better and feel better. Your gum health can then be maintained with proper home care and regular professional care.

A fine scale appointment will be scheduled to polish and reevaluate any further treatment needed.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: If symptoms are severe or persistent, please call our office immediately.