Baylee Dental provides patients with reliable general dentistry procedures, such as crowns and bridges. We provide our services to patients across the Villages and Summerfield, Florida. Crowns are a common dental procedure for many across the country. The crowns will be custom-made for your mouth ensuring optimal results.

Crowns Warranty Policy

Our crowns come with a warranty. If they break, become defect or misfit, we will gladly repair or replace it for you. However, this does not include all situations, like car accidents, where a regular tooth would break, or tooth decay though neglect. Your teeth are an investment and if you take care of them we will help take care of your teeth!

Crowns Treatment

Baylee Dental has years of experience in the field and provides trusted and reliable dental work for patients across Summerfield and the Villages areas in Florida. If you are looking for more information about crowns, please contact us today. We can discuss with you the parameters of the custom crowns made just for you. The number to call is 352-307-3006. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding crowns and the benefits they provide.